Holistic nutrition coaching

This service is one on one coaching with Robyn via zoom or skype. Robyn takes a partnership approach and will provide what you need to make your nutrition and health changes. This service is nutrition and food focused and is customized to fit the clients needs and goals.

If you are interested in this service please visit the book online to book  your one hour
initial consultation. Please note that menu planning is not included in the donation based coaching and must be purchased in the store. If you are interested in a meal plan as part of coaching please visit the store to purchase

14 day meal plan - picky eaters

This custom meal plan is designed with the picky eater in mind. Based on the clients food log and preferred healthy foods, this plan includes a 14 day meal plan that will suit the pallets of the picky eater. These meals and recipes have been created by Robyn specifically for those who have limited healthy food choices that they like. It is based on getting healthier and on current likes, no new food will be introduced - unless requested. 

If interested in this meal plan please visit our store to have the forms and questionnaires sent to you.

 menu planner

This menu planner is fully electronic and includes a14 day meal plan. Upon purchase you will receive an email with a questionnaire and advise of your choices. We offer the following food plans:

Alkaline menu plan
Gluten Free menu plan
Mediterranean menu plan
Lactose free menu plan
Low sodium menu plan
vegan menu plan
vegeterian menu plan
Custom based on your food log (only fill log in if you want a plan based on your food log)

Once we have your form we will issue you an email which will include a username and password and  will give you access to an online portal to download (you choose what to download can include shopping list, calorie details, nutrient specifications etc) your 14 day meal plan. These are generic recipes that are not custom made by Robyn but meet all nutritional guidelines.

If you are interested in this electronic menu planner please visit our store to have the forms and questionnaire sent to you.