Vitamin D

Lets continue on with our series on Vitamins and talk about Vitamin D picky eaters. Here are the symptoms of this deficiency along with other important details. And always if you suspect you are deficient or having health issues please, speak with your doctor about them: Better safe than sorry.

Signs of Deficiency: Muscle weakness, mood changes, fatigue, bone pain, weak immune system. Daily Requirement: The daily requirements for this vitamin is 1000 iu Job: This vitamin is needed for our bones, teeth, muscle health and it strengthens our immune system.

Common food sources: Almond Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Fish oil, Mushrooms, SUN, (also a top vitamin to supplement especially in Canadian winters) Nice and simple, that's how I roll. Hope this helps understand the importance of Vitamin D and what your body needs. As picky eaters and even those trying to be healthier, this knowledge is important to our overall health and well being. Until next time,


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