oil skin cleansing

Having beautiful skin and a lovely glow is desired by most, everyone wants nice skin. Oil skin cleansing is a great technique to try, and yes it's good even if you have oily skin. Crazy right? But it's true, let me explain. Oil skin cleansing works by dissolving oils and fats that are trapped within our skins pores. Fat dissolves fat very well as they solidify. Cleansing your skin with oil, massaging on and rinsing off with water can help oily skin as well as the other skin types. What you do is take your oil, massage it into your skin for a few minutes. Give yourself a nice face massage. To remove it, soak a cloth in hot water and rub off. That's it. If you do this weekly your skin will feel softer, cleaner, more balanced and you'll age better. Which oils do you want to try? *Hazelnut *Olive Oil * Jojoba Oil (my favorite) *Coconut oil (be careful if you have oily skin, my skin doesn't like this one.) *Grapeseed oil *Sunflower oil *Sufflower oil I hope you give this a try and I hope you like it,

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