Nutrition Industry: Who does what?

When looking around for assistance in dietary and lifestyle changes, you might notice there are a few professions out there. The question is, what does each one do? And which one is right for you? I thought I would dedicate a post to the most common titles you'll see out there, so you can make an informed choice. Last thing you want to do is have false expectations and spend money with no results. Here we go. Holistic Nutritionists (that's me!) A holistic nutritionist not only focuses on healing through food choices and dietary changes, but also focus on your environment, physical activity and your mind and body connection: This profession supports natural healing. They are trained in changing food habits and nutrition, herbal healing (they are not herbalists but do have basic training on healing ailments using herbs) and understand the importance of fitness and movement. They will generally support natural remedies over pharmaceuticals. They can provide meal plans, analyze nutritional habits and deficiencies, recommend supplements and herbs to take, and provide counseling and coaching. Clinical Nutritionist A clinical nutritionist focuses on diet and nutrition. They are trained in assessment of nutritional requirements and making dietary changes. They will look at your food choices and make recommendations and provide education to assist in making better choices. They can provide meal plans, recommend supplements and provide counseling and coaching. Their focus will be on nutrition only, some will also touch on exercise. Health Coach A health coach is trained in health and wellness as a whole and have broad knowledge of both nutrition and fitness. They provide coaching to assist you in making lifestyle changes. They assist in motivating and goal setting in a persons daily life. They provide coaching for their clients and support. Counseling or coaching? The difference between these two terms is something I want to discuss as they are quite different. Counseling involves the professional giving advice and telling the client what to do and how to do it. Coaching takes a different approach and is a partnership with the client. The client actually decides what to do and what is best and the coach helps them to apply and motivates them to change their habits. Make sure you understand yourself, and which strategy would work best work for you. Some people don't like to be told what to do and some do. Some want support and guidance and some don't. Everyone is different and when seeking professional services, know the difference so you can ensure you are hiring the best person to help you. I hope this helps,

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