My journey

To introduce myself, my name is Robyn and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I believe that our wealth is in our health and our health is more than just what we eat. It's how how we live. A lifestyle in which we love and pamper ourselves....Properly!!!!! Taking care of ourselves is our number one priority. We can not take care of another or truly be happy, unless we are healthy. And, I was not always healthy, or even trying to be healthy. I was not lucky enough to be one of those people who knew what my passion was in high school or University. I was thin in high school, I never worried about what I ate or my future. I had the attitude that if I get sick? The doctor will give me something. However, I now support healing our body with food, herbs and support. My journey began when I had to wean myself off an anxiety drug that I was physically addicted to. After being on it for 10 years, I realized it didn't help me. I was still anxious, unhappy and 195 pounds; so obese and uncomfortable. Being on that drug did nothing for me but delay the inevitable, which was dealing with the pain and learning to love myself. The biggest challenge for me? I'm a picky eater and I'm very stubborn. Learning to be healthy for me, was a confusing process. I was raised on meat and potatoes and I lived off fast food. That is all I knew and that's all I wanted to eat. So I turned to books and cook books to learn from and figure out how to change that. I had no idea where to start or how to do it. However, every book that I read, said something different and the recipes? Always had food or ingredients I was not willing to try or did try and couldn't stomach. I was met with frustration, obstacles and zero success for years. I tried to exercise and not deal with the stress, pain or food: But that didn't work. I did lose some weight, but like always, I gained it back. It was when I read The China Study that my passion for nutrition began. I realized when I read that book, that I had to change everything: I was killing myself and I didn't even know it. I had a small child too and I was teaching him horrible habits that I didn't want him to have. It became my mission to lose the weight, heal my inner child and lead a healthy lifestyle to be a better example for my son: I had to teach him better and nothing was going to stop me. After all, you only fail when you stop trying! Fast forward many years and 2020 happened. It was during the first lockdown in March of 2020 that I realized my passion to help others along their journey. I realized as a society, we need to strive for healthier and better ways and I want to be part of that change and solution. So, here I am one year later in March 2021. Leaving behind a business that I ran with my mom for 17 years and starting brand new with my own business, following my passion: Which is helping people change their habits to make better choices for themselves when it comes to their health and well being. To see my journey have a peek below: The first photo is where I began (apologies for the messy room but I don't want to alter the photo and I never thought I would ever show this photo of me at the time) and the second is where I am now. I've been this weight (115 pounds) and living this life style now for 5 years. I've come a long way and I still have a long way to go as growing never ends. We are forever learning, growing and changing during this game called life, and I learned? That we have to love and accept ourselves and treat ourselves with respect if we want to live a long fulfilled long that we all deserve. Until next time,


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