Mind and Body Connection - Manifesting

Whether you think you can or can't? You're right. Henry Ford.

Holistic Nutrition is so much more then just about healthy eating: it's a mind, body and soul connection. It is understanding that keeping our mind healthy and clean is as important as keeping our food healthy and clean. I want to touch on the power of the mind. And do a few blog posts on strategies to help change your thought patterns and to control the thoughts that enter your mind. However, I do want to start this blog series talking about manifesting first. I hear a lot from people who are trying to manifest but they aren't having success. So, lets talk about why and reasons for blockages in manifesting. The first rule of manifestation? You manifest what you believe you deserve, not what you want. If you don't think you deserve it, or that it will never ever happen for you? THEN IT WON'T!!!! You have to know and believe that it will happen for you and that you deserve it. You have to think about what it is that you want, and know that you can have that if you believe it to be true. You create your reality, it's your choice. You can make the choice to know you deserve it, or the choice to doubt yourself. That choice is yours and yours alone. But if you don't believe that it can be true for you? Then it won't. Along with believing comes law of attraction when manifesting. I don't want to get deep into this here, I want to discuss it with the other blog posts in detail, however, lets briefly discuss it. You attract to your life with you put out there. For example, if you want a new job? If you sit at home thinking about your old job, how you hate working and you won't get a job you like? You won't get a job you like!!!! But if you are sitting at home, thinking about a job you will like, what kind of job you want. Imagining yourself on the job interview for that job and replaying your skills so you are confident that you can get that job? Then you will manifest that job into your life. You bring into your life, or manifest into your life, what you think about the most. If you want something? You must know that you deserve it, you must think about it and work towards it. Don't forget to take action. If you believe you deserve it? You will take action to make it come your way. I hope this helps with the main challenge with manifestation, and the next few blog posts will be dedicated to the power of our mind. We can change our lives simply by changing the way we think! Until next time,


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