Leaky Gut

Lets talk about leaky gut. This medical condition can affect the human body in many ways. The main symptom of leaky gut is widespread inflammation. Many autoimmune disorders, chronic inflammation and nutrient absorption issues stem from leaky gut as well. This post isn't meant as medical advice, or to diagnose you. It is for educational purposes and self-review. Making healthier choices is never a bad thing and if you suspect that might have leaky gut based on the common symptoms, there are general steps that you can take to see improvement. As a holistic nutrition professional, I believe that every symptom has a cause, every condition a reason. The symptom and pain isn't a bad thing, it is telling us that there is a problem and we need to listen to our body. We need to solve the problem in order for the symptom to go away permanently. And that means making changes and removing or adding food and supplements to our diet. I've created an easy to use document that outlines the symptoms, explains what leaky gut is and the recommendations that you can take to solve this issue if you think you might suffer from this medical condition. Hope it helps,

Holy Health - Leaky Gut
Download PDF • 91KB

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