Hydroponics - Growing our own food

As a Holistic Nutritionist eating the best quality food is important to me and to our children. My priority right now in my life? Is getting an indoor harvest of my favorite vegetables. I have cucumbers, lettuce, and celery growing indoors right now. And potatoes, carrots and lettuce (my fall crops) outdoors.. I hope in our future that we see more and more people growing their own food. Growing up, everyone had a backyard garden. These days? Very few do. I am also mastering container growing, so I'll share photos of those too as I go along as well. I wanted to share my cucumber plants, as it took me a hot minute to get these growing. I am very proud of my cucumbers and well on my way to getting an annual harvest of my favorite food!

Happy growing! I hope you too are planting your seeds to enjoy the fruits of your labor soon as well,


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