Holistic Healing

For every disease there is a herb to cure it. Dr. Sebi I am a follower of his work and natural healing. I know that changing our habits and adding herbs into our diet can help us to heal and stay healthy longer. As I type this we are entering into flu season. So I want to share some immune boosting tips to help strengthen the immune system to fight off any foreign invaders (virus's) that might try to enter your body this winter. Immune boosting herbs: Echinacea and elderberry are my favorite and what I always recommend. I get great tinctures, pills, teas and syrups off amazon or from the health food store. Easy to find and beneficial to have around the house incase you feel a tickle or a cold/flu coming on. Immune boosting vitamins/minerals: Vitamin D - strive for 1000 iu daily and if you feel something coming on, increase that to 2000 iu. Vitamin C - strive for 2000 mcg daily and again if you feel something increase that to 3000 mcg. Zinc - volume depends on your gender/age (see prior posts) but add or increase your daily intake to boost your immune system. Immune boosting holistic tips: Detox bath. Add 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 cup Epsom salt and around 5 drops tea tree essential oil. Make the bath water as hot as you can handle so that you sweat out the toxins (if you have a medical condition, or are pregnant do NOT use hot water, use medium water). Lay (chest in the water) in the bath for 20 minutes and let your body sweat. This will drain you, do at night or before a nap. You will need to replenish with a nice warm glass of water afterwards. Preferably with 1tsp of baking soda, if not? Just plain warm water is necessary after this bath. Baking soda and warm water. When you feel a sore throat or tickle come on, put 1 tsp of baking soda (or 1/2 if you don't like the taste) in 1 cup of warm water. Drink this 3-5 times through out the day, decreasing how much you drink each day. Gurgle Himalayan salt and warm water. If you feel a sore throat or congestions, do this 3-5 times a day for a few days to feel relief and help your throat feel better. Conventional medicine: Right now with the state of the world, taking chances is something most of us don't want to do. I highty recommend Buckleys with mucous control to help fight off foreign invaders if they are winning and the natural measures aren't working for you. I hope these tips help and you can stay alkaline and healthy during this winter season,

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