Herbal Baths

Have you ever had an herbal bath? If not, it's a great experience that you're missing out on. Herbal baths have been used for therapeutic purpose since the time of Ancient Egypt. This isn't new, it's actually quite old. Hippocrates used hydropathy to heal body and mind. This type of healing has been around for millennia. Herbal baths can treat both external and internal health issues, just depends on the herbs used in the product or bath bomb. As well sitting on hot and/or warm water, switches your nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic which relieves stress. Immersion in warm water actually brings about physiological changes like reducing pain, improving relaxation and promoting muscle to relax, helps with homeostasis and improves lung function (clears out mucus). The hot water also opens up your pores allowing you to sweat and eliminate toxins. Some people like to simply sprinkle the herbs in their water and relax and others like bath bombs and essential oils. I say try them all and see what works best for you. Pick the herbs that heal the issue you are dealing with and enjoy a nice warm relaxing bath and wash away your stress and pain. I personally do herbal baths every second day (I do enjoy reading in the bath too) and a detox bath weekly. I love them (plus the kids don't bother me, so for moms it can be a welcomed escape) For relaxing baths choose herbs like passionflower, lavender, catnip, german and roman chamomile. Sesame oil is a nice oil as well to encourage relaxation. For improving circulation choose herbs like peppermint, rosemary, sage, thyme and lavender For promoting healing and getting rid of inflammation use herbs like Calendula, Sage and, Lavender. Keep an eye out for my bombs and bath teas that I am currently making and trying myself and will be available for purchase soon. Until next time, sit back and relax Robyn

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