Healing Diet - Low Glycemic

This diet is designed by Dr. David Jenkins in the eighties for people to lose weight.It lowers blood sugar levels and thus is beneficial for those with type two diabetes. It also lowers cholesterol levels and therefore ideal for those with high cholesterol. And because people tend to lose weight lowers the risk of heart disease: cause and effect, if you lose the weight your heart is healthier. This way of eating is based on the Glycemic Index, simply known as GI. This Index is a ranking system for how different foods affect the blood sugar levels. This index uses pure glucose (sugar) as a reference guide at one hundred units. Therefore the GI value of pure sugar is one hundred. There are three GI ratings: 1. Low which is fifty five or fewer 2. Medium which is fifty six to sixty nine 3. High which is seventy or more. The lower the GI rating the slower the sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream. That is the goal and that helps to lower your blood sugar levels. On this diet people avoid the high GI food as the sugar is released quickly into the blood causing fluctuations and issues, and stick to the lower GI food. A few issues. First the GI only includes foods that have carbohydrates. Thus, there are food that can be eaten that are not included on that index: For example beef, fish and spices. For a full database of foods and their index you can visit http://www.glycemicindex.com/foodSearch.php to check it out if this is a diet that is being recommended for you and remember to include foods that are not carbs and are healthy to consume. Hope this helps,


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