Healing Diet - BLAND Diet

A bland diet is recommended to those with stomach issues to heal those ailments. Gastritis, ulcers, GERD, heartburn, nausea: Any issue with the stomach and this is the diet that will be recommended to you. This is the way of eating,I had to go on for six to eight weeks to heal my gastritis. It’s not a permanent diet (unless you want it to be) or one that will be adapted for the rest of your life: It is one that heals a temporary issue and allows you to move forward feeling good.

This diet focuses on soft food, low fibre food and doesn’t allow spicy, fried or raw foods. As well if you are having stomach issues the doctor would have told you to avoid alcohol and caffeine. The types of food that are eaten on this diet are crackers, bread, potatoes, dairy, eggs, soup (noodles) frozen vegetables, peanut butter, foods of that nature.

Foods that must be avoided to heal stomach ailments are ice cream, spicy, raw vegetables and raw fruit, dried fruit, whole grain, seeds and nuts and fried foods. But if you are having stomach issues you might just already know that these foods irritate you and might already been avoiding them or trying to avoid them.

A few other preferences with this way of eating are to eat small meals several times through out the day. If you are having acid reflux or heart burn, eating too much triggers that issue, to eat less more often. As well drink beverages slowly to avoid that reflux action which everyone dislikes and is irritating to experience.

In conclusion the bland diet is a temporary diet that is designed to help those who are experiencing stomach ailments. The timeframe for healing depends on everyone, and please consult your doctor or nutritionist before stopping this diet to make sure you are healed before introducing the foods from the restricted list.

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