FADS - Juice Cleanses and Fasting

To continue with popular fads that we see lets talk about juice cleanses and fasting. Although fasting has been around for millennia, Juice cleanses are something that are trendy and I consider a fad diet. Instead of fasting for a few days to detox, some promote juicing fruit and eliminate hard food.

A few things about fasting: First of all fasting isn’t for every one or every body type. I personally do not fast, I am a vata type in Ayurvedic medicine and this body type it isn’t safe to fast. Many people can’t go without the food and experience hunger, light headedness and some even faint. If can affect your blood sugar levels, even your blood pressure. Be very careful when considering fasting and research the juice cleanses and people’s experiences with it before attempting to do this.

Some claim that juicing only for a few days is best for you as you won’t be hungry and it will lead to weight loss: These are false claims. Juicing completely removes the fibre from the fruit and therefore, you will be still be hungry. If you do only juice for 4 days, yes you might lose a few pounds but as soon as you start eating, you’ll gain that weight back. It doesn’t stay off, not even short term.

There is a three step process to a juice cleanse:

1. Preparation – three to five days before your cleanse, gradually eliminate sugar, alcohol, coffee, meat and dairy. Also increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

2. Cleanse – Drink at least thirty two ounces of juice with at least half being green juice. Length of fast varies from one to five days. (I’ve seen some do thirty, but that’s extreme and not the standard)

3. After the fast – Eat lightly and gradually add food back into your diet.

**Warning, do not engage in physical activity while on this cleanse. Stick with low impact activities like walking only.****

Adding the process of juicing and drinking fruits and vegetables as part of your diet is a great habit if you are struggling to eat your fruits and vegetables. However, a juice cleanse may provide some detoxification, however, any weight that was lost will be gained back right away, so if weight loss is the only goal, this is not a long term solution in any way. Hope this helps,


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