Endocrine Disrupters - Our Homes

Lets move on now and review our home, the place that we spend the most time. We expose ourselves to an unknown amount of chemicals on a daily basis and have conditioned ourselves to think this is normal. Unfortunately, it is not normal for our physical bodies and this exposure becomes overload on them. Our bodies don't want to nor do they know how to process all these chemicals. It brings us out of balance and thus we manifest illness: Whether physical or emotional, illness will manifest with long term exposure to chemicals.

We were raised to believe that only certain chemicals can clean, or even that clean smells a certain way. We even think that soap and cleaner should feel a certain way when we touch it. This is programming, to get us to buy products. We like that smell, it smells nice. We like that feel, it feels good. But we are sacrificing our health and well being for a nice scent. Is it really worth it? Especially knowing that we can get the same result with a nice smell using natural products? It sure made me think when I looked at it this way.

It does take extra effort yes; maybe a little change, for sure. But is it worth it? Of course. There are natural cleaning products available, if you don't want to venture down a path of making your own. Generally speaking, though, they do tend to be a bit more expensive and the shelf life is shorter than a commercial product. But this is why chemicals and commercial products exist, more profit!

Health is more important than a shelf life and dollar signs; at least it is to me. I do wish that it was more important to other people as well, but some people just see dollar signs. And that's ok, that's their path, that's not mine.

When it comes to household products not only are there harmful chemicals (antifreeze, ammonia etc.) but some actually release VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds - in which are released into the air as the chemical is used. We are cleaning, but breathing in poison, a little redundant, isn't it? These chemicals are known to cause ailments like headaches, respiratory issues, even cancer. It's not worth the risk when there are other options available to us. In my opinion, of course.

Once I switched my air freshener, cleaners etc I noticed a big difference in my sons allergies. The kids are more sensitive than we are, because their bodies aren't used to these chemicals. Please I urge you to look at the ingredients in your cleansers and either consider buying natural ones or making your own. The next few blog posts will be dedicated to some DIY cleaners that I have tried myself and strongly recommend. It won't hurt you, it will only benefit your body. Until next time,


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