Endocrine Disrupters

I want to do a blog post series on endocrine disrupters, the silent killer that we don't talk enough about (in my opinion of course). I like to keep posts short this introduction post will explain what our endocrine system is and what disrupters are. Next post we will go into the types of disrupters to look for and then we will evaluate our homes for these disrupters that are silently harming our health. Millions (if not billions) of people experience mood disorders, anxiety, illness, all kind of different ailments that affects the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, many times it is our environment and what we are exposing ourselves to, that is causing our issues. We simply are unaware of this fact. Most of us are not chemists and do not understand the effect that certain chemicals have on our bodies. But there are chemists out there, and they have done studies, and these endocrine disruptors are harmful to us and affect our endocrine system and thus overall function of our body I want to start by exploring this system, what is it? The Endocrine system is made up of glands which are responsible for controlling the release of our hormones. Important system, right? Right! In order for us to achieve homeostasis - balance in the body - we must have a functioning endocrine system. This system controls our growth, sexual function, metabolism and overall function of our organs.

Knowing the importance of this system, makes it clear that endocrine disruptors affecting this system, is going to throw our body off balance. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that get into our body either via external or internal sources, and interfere with our hormones by mimicking our cells and going where they don’t belong.

This interference can cause developmental issues, altered onset of puberty, birth defects, immune system issues, tumors and cancer, depression and mental issues. Definitely issues we would like to avoid if we can. And we can! We simply need to know what these chemicals are and how to avoid them. I'll leave it at this today, I only wanted to inform on what they are and next post lets talk about the actual chemicals and what they are called and how to avoid them. Until next time,


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