A startling trend I have noticed amongst children is the issue of bowel movements. There are kids out there, going days, weeks even months without any bowel movement. Is it encopresis or simply diet? That's the question. What is encopresis? It is where the feelers in our bowels do not work and therefore the person is not able to tell when they have to go to the bathroom. It feels differently for those children and they end up constipated, backed up and in pain. There are parents who took their children to a doctor and they said to them " it's not that big of deal not taking regular bowel movements" or "give your kid enemas" "take them to the hospital for a clean out"..... WHAT ABOUT FIBER? If you or someone you know is suffering from encopresis I highly recommend you do the following. This has helped many children get over this issue and be healthy. Make no mistake, it harms them not having regular bowel movements. Their body becomes toxic and they are not able to properly absorb their nutrients (among other serious health issues). This isn't something to ignore, we have to take regular bowel movements: that's how our bodies were designed. Please try the following before painful enemas or traumatizing clean outs from the hospital. 1. Psyllium husk - this is pure fiber. This will soften the poo, so it's not hard and huge and painful for the child. 2. Jumping Jacks - you read that right. Jumping Jacks. Any runner will tell you that motion makes you have to take a bowel movements. Runners and joggers are very regular. At night before bed, give your child fibre/psyllium husk and have them do jumping jacks. Start for 5 minutes and see if they go. If not? don't force it, do it again the next night this time for 10 minutes etc. You'll find the magic number and your child will begin to recognize the feeling. As mentioned, it's different for them. Jumping will help to go regularly, and learn to recognize that feeling and stop the embarrassing accidents and smell. I truly hope this helps, it is a very frustrating issue for everyone involved, but the most important thing you can do as a parent? Don't get mad at your kid, and have patience with them. Don't make it a nightmare, just make it an obstacle to over come! Good luck,


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