Cold or Flu

Lets talk about what to do if you feel a little cold coming on. You wake up in the morning and feel a little tickle in your throat. Or half way through the day you feel exhausted and have a slight fever. With everything going on, that can be scary right now. No one wants to get sick. Let be real, no one on this planet enjoys getting a qtip stuck up their nose and I'm sure most people would like to avoid doctors and the current situation. So if you feel a little something, what do you do? Right now I tell you people turn to acetaminophen (tylenol, over the counter drugs) as a first step. Unfortunately, that might not be the best option. On average in America, there are over 60 000 hospital visits ever year for overdosing on pain killers. There are lots of natural options available, that work effectively and you're not going to over dose on them. First lets talk about fever: Fever is one of your bodies first line of defense against a foreign invader. If you have a low grade fever (under 100) that's a sign your body is fighting an invader. If you take a chemical to get rid of your fever, your body is confused. It is only suppressing the invader, it is not getting rid of it. What does that mean? That means it will come back, and most likely nastier than the first time. If your fever is low grade, it's good to let it runs it course and use herbs to help strengthen your immune system. Let your body and immune system do their job. If your fever goes over 100, that means you are losing the fight and the invader is winning. This is when you might potentially (I would recommend seeing a doctor) need antibiotics or a prescription to help your body fight that invader. Now that we have gone over the fever lets talk about what to do. Here are a few holistic measures that you can take, to boost your immune and help your body fight off the foreign invader. 1. 1 tsp baking soda with warm glass of water. Do this upon waking, and 3-4 times per day on day 1, 2-3 times on day 2, and morning and evening on day 3. I personally always drink warm water with baking soda upon waking. It's good for our digestion system thus a great habit to get into. However, if you're not feeling well this will help your body fight it off and improve your ph balance. Remember disease can not exist in an alkaline environment, so alkalize your environment and the foreign invader will run away. 2. Detox bath. This is my personal favorite. I actually do this once a week, just as a cleanse. But if you're feeling a little something, this will help. Make sure you do this at night before bed, it will drain you. If you have high blood pressure or are pregnant do not use hot water. Fill the tub with water as hot as you can handle. Add 1 cup of baking soda (this will cleanse and balance the ph levels of the water) 1 cup of Epsom salt (helps detoxify and increases white blood cell count) 1 cup hydrogen peroxide (cleanser, detoxify) and 5 shake of tea tree oil (fights infections cleanses mucous and phlegm from body). Soak for 20 minute and sweat it out. Make sure you drink your baking soda before, and after to keep hydrated. After you bath, go to bed and rest for the night. 3. Herbals and vitamins that you'll want to take, or increase your take if you do already take them. Vitamin D, Vitamin C (3000 mcg recommended if you feel a cold), Zinc, elderberries (great syrup and gummies on amazon) echinacea, tea with ginger and/or honey. I do love chamomile tea right before bed, it's soothing, and helps me to sleep. I recommend doing all of these when you feel extra mucous (again mucous is one of the first lines of defense against an invader) or a tickle or a cough. I hope this helps and maybe relieves some anxiety if you feel something coming on, Until next time,


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