Acne and herbs

I created a post a few weeks ago about my personal journey and struggle with acne. Not only did I struggle with this, but being a person who supports herbal and natural products, I struggle to find commercial products that are good for my skin. I have very sensitive skin, everything makes me either break out, or turn red. I can't even use any anti-wrinkle or aging creams as I just get zits where I applied them (this is frustrating for me as I'm hitting my 40's). They always block my pores. So, the next adventure on this journey for me? Making holistic herbal skin care products. I am currently enrolled and taking a certification course to learn the ins and outs on holistic herbal skin care and to learn which are the best herbs to heal our skin issues and how to combine them and extract the healing properties from them. I am very excited to create products for us acne prone folks with very sensitive skin. I do make my own DIY products at this point, but now I am learning everything about making commercial and holistic healing skin care products and I am pumped to get some good acne cleanser for people like me. Keep an eye out for some great holistic products as I am experimenting and working on them now. Until next time,


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