Anyone who has suffered jaw pain and TMJ issues understands how painful this disorder is. I once had lockjaw and couldn't open my mouth for six months. Ya, six months of physio, chiro and massages to provide relief and allow me to open my jaw again. It was one of the worst experiences of my life and for the past fifteen years I have lived with chronic jaw pain. I blindly followed and listened to my dentist and I never searched for solutions. I just paid mega bucks for jaw guards and replaced them when needed. It worked, and provided relief, but it didn't fix the issue nor solve all my pain. I regularly had flare ups and required medical attention. But it didn't bother me on a daily basis. Then one fated day a friend mentioned hypnosis and it how it helps those who clench and grind in their sleep. That's me! I was desperate and willing to try anything because I was chewing through my jaw guards in a few months: They only lasted a few months. Forking out $500.00 every couple months didn't appeal to me. So I tried to locate a few online but they never called me back. So, I turned to youtube. Two weeks after doing self-hypnosis videos on YouTube and I was no longer wearing my jaw guard. I'm serious. For those who suffer from this, if you haven't tried self-hypnosis please give it a shot, what do you have to lose? Combined with this hypnosis I did a daily meditation with binaural beats to stop bruxism (this is what it's called when a person clenches at night) and recommend this too. It really helped me and I hope this helps someone else out there,

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