Lets talk about acne for a minute. For those of us who have suffered cystic or acne in general? We know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. Plus the scars can be life long and very difficult to remove. Acne can literally alter your skin for a lifetime. I suffered from acne for about twelve years, but cystic acne for five years. I do still have scaring, but it's not as bad as it used to be, and I can cover with make up if desired. I want to be clear and say that I am not a dermatologist. But I did study holistic nutrition and I did solve my acne issue. As I was researching and trying to solve my personal acne I realized and learned a few things. Most acne is NOT hormonal. Only about 10% of acne sufferers actually suffer hormonal acne (from my experience and research this is what I have found). So how did I get rid of it and how do I recommend others get rid of their acne if it's not hormonal? DIET CHANGES!!! Yup! Acne is a sign of an elimination issue. Your body has toxins and is not properly removing them, thus acne appears. (Rashes and itchy skin are the same issue) Your body is not eliminating your toxins properly and effectively and you need to correct that (don't forget to take your prebiotic/probiotic to balance your gut flora). The most common foods that cause these issues are nightshades and I fall into this category. Once I removed potatoes and carrots from my diet, 70% of my acne disappeared. That was GREAT, as it hurt to touch. I didn't like anyone near my face, especially my dog. A few times scratches happened, those weren't fun moments for me. There were times I had two to three pimples in the same spot. It hurt! That was a huge step for me and it made me a believer of how food can affect our skin. The first step to fixing non-hormonal acne is finding what food you are sensitive to and your body doesn't like. You can get tested or simply do eliminations diets of the common culprits which are: Nightshades, gluten, sugar, dairy. If you haven't tried cutting food out to see if that is the culprit of your acne, it might be worth your time to try that. Once you see success, it's easy to keep going: Trust me! The other 30% for me? POP! I used to drink four to six cans of pop a day. Once I stopped drinking the pop, acne disappeared completely. I still get some hormonal acne around that time of the month and that's fine as they usually leave in a day or two. They don't linger for two months like they used to do. If you are suffering from acne there is hope: If you are willing to try and cut out the major culprits that is. I hope you can see personal results and clear skin is in your future! Here is me with some acne, and me now: as you can see I have deep scars that is where I would get two or three in the same spot. It does take time to heal, but at least the acne is gone.

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