Eating to Live: Healthy Eating for Picky Eaters

  • You will understand you like enough healthy food to live a healthy life without trying new food at all

  • You will learn how to be an expert shopper and menu planner

  • You will go through the S.M.A.R.T Goal process

  • You will learn to manifest using the power of your mind

  • Included are handouts, free e-books  and 50% upcoming ebooks

Join Other Picky Eaters In Changing Your Life Today

Sharon Ferrigan

I learned in the first section that I can eat healthier and enjoy the food. This opened my eyes and was a game changer for me. 

Paul Zynomirski

I took this with my daughter and it helped us to create better habits together. It's easy to use and my daughter and I bonded. I highly recommend this for parents

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Join me, Robyn Gauthier, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in this masterclass for picky eaters designed by Robyn who is also a picky eater. Robyn wasn't always passionate about nutrition and has had many health issues over her life. She has used her experiences to create this program for those who have similar challenges as her.


This simple and easy to follow program lets you see that you do like enough healthy food to lead a healthy lifestyle, without adding any new food. (But of course she does provide strategies to introduce new foods as a bonus as the end of this program if you want to take that step)


This program will teach you to recognize the healthy food you enjoy eating and how to build those foods as your staples. Robyn will support you as you become an expert grocery shopper and menu planner, plus understand the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis along with an easy to follow handout clarifying portion sizes.


You will go through the goal making process and learn how to manifest and create the changes you want with proven techniques and options to explore. She includes templates, handouts, ebooks and a private and closed facebook group, with this course to help you along your way.


So join Robyn and other picky eaters in their journey of learning how to eat to live today and start living your best life yet!

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